21st April -Final texts emerge

April 23, 2010

We spent the morning in our working group, trying to agree on the final text. This will be then edited down to a few paragraphs for the final declaration of the conference. But it was still important to get it right! There was a lack of a clear process and at times it was really frustrating. But when we saw the final version of the text that the presidents of the group had worked on, we thought it was pretty good, and a huge improvement on the pre conference text. For example, the refeneces to the IOM had been taken out and  Freedom of Movement is mentioned twice.

It was quite chaotic looking for the venue of where the final texts from the 17 working groups were being presented  and we missed ours but got a paper copy. It is in English  here . It’s a rushed translation.

The rest of the day was spent chatting with people from our working group, who included a woman from Oruro who is a quiona farmer, an organiser from the local Regantes, (people who work in irrigation) union and a immigrant rights organiser from the US.

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