26th April – interviews and exciting news from home

April 27, 2010

Here are a few things we want to share. First the documents from our panel discussion, not ours but the other people who presented. It’s quite detailed but will hopefully be useful for anyone working in this area.

So we have been having a  bit of a rest, partying and carrying out more interviews before we leave. Today we spoke to someone from the local ALBA chapter, the Bolivarian alliance of Americas and also anti-water privatisation activist Marcela Olivera. We were also on a local radio show one of our friends presents which was unexpected but great.

The final declaration is now online in English, http://pwccc.wordpress.com/

There have been a lot of fascinating conversations about the significance of this document and what will happen next. More analysis to follow.

Tomorrow we are off to Sucre, leaving Cochabamba after almost 2 weeks. We are going to be ‘journalists’ at the conference of the CTUSCB, Bolivia’s campesino union, which is again going to be very interesting.

It was amazing to hear our friend Cristian Dominguez, who we met in Bristol before we went to the COP last December, talking on TV last night about the summit. He mentioned the visit to Bristol and how we had mobilised to Copenhagen, what he called People’s diplomacy.

One of the key themes for both this and the radio show was demystifying Europe and how people are there, that there is resistance  and that this is a common struggle. This is particularly powerful in countering the media produced myths that there are no problems in the north, and that southern countries should be aspiring to develop in our image.

The face to face relationships that are developing all around this process are sowing the seeds of ongoing solidarity actions and transnational organising. We heard today that our companer@s from Bristol and Bath Rising Tide blockaded a rail line from an open cast coal mine, read more here. Whoop whoop!

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