Feedback from Bolivia

Rossport Solidarity June Gathering – 4th-7th June

We will be doing a workshop at the 5th annual gathering in County Mayo, North West Ireland. More here

Wednesday 23rd June, Climate Change and Migration.

Two people from local migrant solidarity group, Bristol No Borders, took part in the working group Climate Migrants. Come along to hear what  happened, what they learned and to ask any questions. Some topics will
include, • What is a climate migrant? • Why not a climate refugee? • What does this mean for us in the UK?
This complex subject involves issues of migrant rights, climate justice
and the global economy. No previous knowledge assumed, all welcome.

See flyer here

At – St Pauls Learning and Family Centre
94 Grosvenor Road
St Pauls, Bristol


Sunday 16th May- 7pm- The Cube Microplex, Bristol

We will be introducing photos and saying few words about our trip at this Cinema Klandestino night screening ‘Child Miners’ and ‘Presidente Evo’.

Wednesday 19th May 7pm- The Straw Bale Theatre, CAT, (Centre for Alternative Technology), Machynlleth

Report back- Called by Evo Morales in direct response to the failure of Copenghagen, this conference represents a new chapter in climate negotiations and talks about a dialogue between social movements and governments. This talk will look at the outcomes, briefly put the conference in the context of the ALBA regional project and ask how can we understand the concept of climate justice in our local contexts?

Three workshops we co-organised as side events to the conference;

1. Climate change is not my baby – the growing threat of population controls and the new population offsetting projects. (Thursday 22nd April, 8.30 am, Universidad de Valle, (UniValle, Room AV G5)

2. Border Controls and Freedom of Movement in an age of Climate Chaos. (Time to be confirmed but provisionally at 10.30 in the same place as above although we are trying to change this.)

3. Building Bridges across Continents for Climate Justice, (Thursday 22nd 10.30 am, Universidad de Valle, UniValle,  Room to be confirmed.)

More events to follow.

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