May 16th 2010 – Cinema Klandestino Film Night (Bristol)

Cinema Klandestino presents “Child Miners” and “Evo Presidente”

Cinema Klandestino will be screening two Bolivia related documentary films by director Rodrigo Vazquez. He will be discussing them afterwards, either in person or by video link up.

Plus, we will be joined by two Bristol folk who have just returned from working with social movements in Bolivia. They will be with us to share information, feedback on what they found out, give reports from on the ground, at meetings and marches with the social movements.

Before and after we will be playing audio of the Mayday 2010 shenanigans in Bolivia, as well as interviews, music, short films and slideshows of images from their trip. They’ll be there during the discussion to give updates on the situation in Bolivia and reflections on Rodrigo’s films, so hopefully everyone can stick about after the films!

Check out this blog before hand, it details much of their experiences out there: https://ayya2cochabamba.wordpress.com

The films:

Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2009 Montreal Human Rights Film Festival Child Miners (2008) is a documentary about the daily troubles of two child miners, Jorge and Alex, who make one dollar a day working in the crumbling Bolivian mine of Lllallagua.


Presidente Evo (2009) is co-narrated by the filmmaker and Evo Morales. It tells the story of how Bolivia’s first indigenous President managed to re-write the Constitution, re-distribute the land among poor peasants and nationalise the gas industry, as these events were actually unfolding.


door charge: £2/1

directions to the cube: http://microplex.cubecinema.com/cubewebsite/directions.html

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